DAF Timber are UK manufacturers of wooden pallets made from British home grown soft woods.
Formed in 1987 by Mr Dale French and Mrs Lesley French, DAF Timber Limited is a privately owned company based in County Durham.
Stocks of pallets can be held for customers if they wish - this guarantees a good response to delivery times. If stocks are held at DAF Timber we can make a delivery within 24 hours of the order being received.
Because we maintain our own fleet of articulated vehicles you can be assured of prompt and direct supply from the DAF Timber sawmill & distribution centre to anywhere in the UK.
Once round logs arrive at the sawmill they are quality checked and cut to a variety of sizes that comprise the different pallet components (for any specification requested by our customers). 40 employees are involved in our sawmill operations, pallet production assembly and distribution network. Batches of the round logs start their journey at the Timber Sawmill before being automaticaaly fed throughout the plant on a series of drive chains.

Dpendant upon the client's specification (individual component sizes) the sawn wood is distributed to the appropriate machine at the mill for finer cutting. All sawn wood is then transferred to the pallet assembly area for construction and nailing. We pride ourselves on an efficient and conscientious workforce - they are the reason for our success. We continue to utilise a variety of hand-held nailers for smaller orders. However automatic nailing machines allow us to manufacture large volumes of pallets in relatively short timescales - that's why we're so competitive in the pallet market.